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Smart Lighting Design

We have experience using products like RAKO controls to light your home the modern way. It is now possible for you to create your own scene lighting where you can individually decide what lights come on within a room and whether they are at full brightness or dimmed. This allows you to set many different scenes so you are able to create the perfect mood whatever the situation.

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At the design stage of your lighting installation we will establish how many settings you would like. For example say you have 16 down lighters in a room and various LED lights. You can decide on each setting how many lights should be lit up and at what brightness they should be. Once the setting has been made it can be stored and you can select this setting whenever you want.

The RAKO lighting can also be used as part of your home security system. You can setup lights to come on when you’re not home or to act out a standard setting as if you were still at home. This gives the perception to criminals that your home is still occupied.

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