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Fault Diagnostics


Have you got a problem with tripping circuit breakers or RCD's? Maybe you have called an electrician out and they are not sure what is causing the problem. Well call us and let us find the problem for you. With our great experience in domestic and commercial installations we have developed great techniques for fault diagnosis and can in the majority of cases get to the origin of the fault quickly. This can save you a lot of money and decoration issues as rectification is limited solely to the fault. Whether it is a screw through a cable or a faulty component we can find it and resolve it for you.



Common Problems


If you experience a time when one of your main RCD devices has tripped and will not reset. You can try the following before calling out a electrician.


I have lost power to half my house

  • Switch off all circuit breakers on the side of fuse board where RCD has tripped.

  • Switch circuit breakers on one at a time until RCD trips out again.

  • Once you have worked out what circuit is causing the problem look to see what the circuit is.

  • If it is sockets try removing all appliances that are plugged in.

  • If it is lighting try switching off any lights that are switched on.

  • If the RCD now resets check items responsible for any obvious damage or faults.

  • If you can't find any problems that may be causing the RCD to trip call an electrician.


If your RCD will not turn on after you have tried the following you may have another type of fault that only an electrician can find.

Typical faults of this kind would be a neutral to earth fault.


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