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Security Systems

Security for your home or business


In the UK each year there is around 400,000 break-ins. Some of these could have been prevented by installing a simple security system. 

Intruder Alarm


Protect you home and most cherished possessions by getting a intruder alarm installed. There is many different types of systems and sensors available to meet your own individual needs or budget. You can choose from hard wired or wireless systems. You can decide if you would like your system monitored by a third party or perhaps you would just like to be alerted via your smart phone if your system is alerted. 


If you’re not sure we can carry out a survey and decide what level of protection you should have and select what sensors should be placed where. 


Electrican Edinburgh reliable, honest, affordable
Electrican Edinburgh reliable, honest, affordable


CCTV is a great deterrent to protect your home or business. With most systems now it is possible to monitor your CCTV system via your smart phone so you can see everything real time anywhere.


We are experienced in various types of systems ranging from your standard setup of several cameras covering a business or property to more specific type systems to suit different installations where you may require more cameras with different capabilities or technical specifications. We can conduct unbiased surveys on your behalf and decide where to situate cameras. We can also find out what type of recording definition you require or the amount that you actually want to store on your hard drives to make sure you have the system you require.


Electrican Edinburgh reliable, honest, affordable
Security Lighting


Security lighting is a cheap and easy way to make areas in your home or business less vulnerable to crime. Whether it is lighting up a dark lane or rear entrance security lighting can help deter burglars or other types of criminals from having a safe haven. 


There is a wide range of security lights to pick from now. So if you’re worried about more expensive energy bills from lighting up outside areas think again. LED security lights can be as little as 10 watts to run which is one sixth of power output of the average light bulb found in your home.

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