Upgrade your fuse board now

Upgrading your fuse board is not as difficult or as expensive as you may have thought.

Did you know that a common cause of electrical fires is from old fuse boards that were not designed for present use? Many re-wirable fuse boards contain asbestos lining. So every time your fumbling around in the dark replacing fuse wire your also exposing yourself and others to asbestos. By upgrading your fuse board to 17th Edition you will make your house a much safer place. 


A new 17th Edition fuse board offers RCD protection for all circuits. What is a RCD?

A RCD is a protective device that will trip the moment there is any form of electrical fault to earth. This could be from a faulty appliance or accidently cutting through a wire. Your chance of receiving a fatal electric shock is dramatically reduced when RCDs are fitted in your home.






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